Emergency Services Fuel Corp. provides Emergency Response Contracts for an annual fixed facility rate with guaranteed immediate response.

We provide fuel trucks with trained personnel to client’s location for generator fueling in the event of an emergency. During a utility outage, our personnel will remain on-site providing service for as long as required. Emergency Services Fuel Corp. will respond immediately when an outage occurs.

  • Regardless of the size of your emergency, we are equipped to handle any situation.

  • Staffed vehicles will be on location within (4) hours of initial phone call, weather and natural disasters permitting.

  • Loss of valuable mainframe information is avoided and power is sustained for a smooth flow of business when generators are maintained.

  • Standby trucks, fully loaded, are available 24/7 for immediate dispatch.

  • Fuel Terminal Facilities are equipped with generator back up utilization to ensure transport vehicles can load fuel in black-out conditions.

  • Vehicle can remain on-site with truck-to-truck refueling.

  • Four wheel drive vehicles are available with 200 gallon capacity for immediate fuel usage.